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How To Choose The Best Wedding Guest Dresses?

How To Choose The Best Wedding Guest Dresses?

26 April 2022

Celebrating a wedding day with those you love most in the world and seeing two people make a lifelong commitment to one another is a beautiful event. One of the most exciting parts of planning the day is choosing what you are going to wear, and with all the photographs that are cherished for years to come, it is important that you look your absolute best!

Which Types Of Dresses Can Guests Wear for a Wedding Ceremony?

There are tons of different styles, colours, and types of dresses to choose from and it is important that you think of the wedding day and the location when deciding on the dress you are going to wear. With a variety of different dress options and styles, it can often be a bit daunting to try and figure out what sort of dress would suit both your body type and the wedding you are attending. It is always a good idea to do a bit of research before starting to look for a dress as going shopping with something in mind will help to ensure you know what to look for!

What Colour Should Wedding Guest Dresses Be?

Unless the bride and groom have specifically asked you to wear a certain colour or follow a specific colour scheme, a wedding guest dress can be any colour other than white. You do not want to clash with the bride on her wedding day and it is important that you do not plan to wear any white or off-white colours on the day, you do not want to be the one who upsets the bride on her special day!

Why Should You Pick Wedding Guest Dresses by Season?

When picking out women's wedding guest dresses, it is important to consider the season that the wedding is taking place and decide on the best style of dress according to this. If you are too cold or too hot in a dress, it may make you uncomfortable and weddings are usually events that continue on well into the evening. Choosing your wedding guest dress according to the season will ensure that you not only look your best but also feel your best!

Guest Dresses for Summer Weddings

While you want to choose from flattering wedding guest dresses, it is also important that you consider the season of the wedding to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the ceremony and the remainder of the day. Summer wedding guest dresses should be cool and not too heavy, ensuring that you do not get too hot throughout the day.

Guest Dresses for Winter Weddings

When it comes to deciding on fall wedding guest dresses and winter wedding guest dresses, it is important to take the temperature and time of day of the wedding into account. If you are not a fan of long sleeve wedding guest dresses, there are many ways to layer different elements to ensure you can wear the dress you have been dreaming about while still being warm! Finding the perfect jacket to accompany you to the wedding can add an extra layer of warmth, particularly during the evening when it may get colder.

Why Should Wedding Guest Dresses be Selected According to the Wedding Venue?

The wedding venue is another important aspect to consider when choosing a wedding guest dress. The venue may determine what type and style of dress may be suited to this event, you do not want to be wearing anything formal to a wedding happening at the beach! While it is important that you look your best, matching your outfit according to the venue will ensure that you are not just dressed to impress but also that you will be comfortable

The Beach

When it comes to beach wedding guest dresses, wearing something light and flowing or perhaps even a cocktail dress could be the best way to go! You want to ensure that you will be comfortable, especially when it comes to your dress and your shoes! Heels may not be the best attire for this kind of event, so you may need to take this into consideration!

A Luxury Hotel

When celebrating a wedding in a luxury location, like a hotel, it may be best to consider looking at formal wedding guest dresses or an evening dress. At a more formal location, you should dress to impress to match the aesthetic that the bride and groom are going for and you definitely do not want to show up not looking your best! When it comes to wedding guest dresses, matching the theme that the bride and groom have attempted to create will ensure that their day is everything that they have been dreaming about, and who doesn't love a formal dress up?

An Outdoor Wedding in a Garden

When a couple is getting married outdoors, like in a garden or even a forest, flowing and light dresses are often more preferred. These weddings usually take place in summer, but if it is a winter wedding do not forget to pack and consider wearing a warm jersey or long sleeve dress!

Best Online Wedding Guest Dresses

Long gone are the days of spending hours browsing through different styles, types and sizes of wedding guest outfits hoping to come across the perfect one. Whether you are looking for a party dress to wear to a wedding or something a bit more formal, some of the best wedding guest dresses can be found right from the comfort of your own home! With thousands of options and ways to whittle down the various dresses to whatever you are looking for in particular, online shopping is the best way to find that perfect outfit to wear to an upcoming wedding!

Gizia Wedding Guest Dresses

For some of the best wedding guest dresses around, look no further than Gizia! With tons of different options to suit any type of wedding occurring in any season, the options are endless, ensuring you will have your pick of the most stylish dresses around! Gizia offers its customers high-end looks that are perfect for any event, with wedding guest dresses being some of our favourites! With an endless selection of different looks, styles, and types of dresses, including a wide range of sizing options, what's to stop you from getting the perfect wedding guest dress delivered right to your doorstep!

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